Sunday Beauty, Rain On Way Later Monday

We had a significant change in the air mass last night. High-pressure from Canada sent in much drier air with a good amount of sunshine and a brisk breeze for today.

Most telling is what's happening at the summit of Mount Washington where the temperature fell into the mid 30s with winds gusting past 70 miles per hour.

It's a powerful storm that's north of us in Canada now, and we get one more day of this kind of weather.

It will be partly to mostly sunny this afternoon with temperatures in the 70s to near 80 degrees. Wind from the west/northwest is gusting 25 to 30 miles per hour. The dewpoint reading has fallen into the 40s.

It will cool off quickly this evening with a big beautiful moon in the sky. Temperatures will fall into the 50s and even a few 40s for tomorrow morning.

To our west, a storm system dropped 5 to 10 inches of rain near Springfield, Missouri last night. That storm is now headed for New England late tomorrow and tomorrow night.

We have a mixture of sun and clouds tomorrow with a few showers, giving way to a steady rain in Western New England towards sunset, high in the 70s but cooling back to the 60s where the rain moves in first.

Low pressure will track right over seven New England tomorrow night with rain heavy at times temperature is holding in the 50s and 60s.

In addition, there's a cold front moving into northern New England that will spread rain all the way up to the Canadian border. Tuesday morning the rain is pretty much over for southern New England, and will be ending before lunchtime in the state of Maine.

But there's more action due to the cold front moving across with a chance of showers and or a thunderstorm Tuesday. Rainfall amounts close to one inch, and some locations past two inches, are expected. High temperature in the 70s once again with a fresh breeze from the northwest.

Another high-pressure system from Canada arrives on Wednesday and Thursday with a return of sunshine and warmer air, high temperature in the low 80s.

The next front is not far, and may spread showers and thunderstorms into northern New England before the end of the day Thursday. On Friday we have another batch of air from Canada with brighter skies and cooler air to start off next weekend.

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