Jurors in Hernandez Trial Tour Ex-NFL Player's Home

Former Patriots player is accused in 2013 killing of semi-professional football player Odin Lloyd

Aaron Hernandez's house in North Attleboro, Massachusetts, was one of the stops along the route Friday for jurors who visited key locations in the murder trial against the former New England Patriots tight end.

The jurors entered through the garage and route various rooms including the man cave, a bedroom, and great room. His house, less than a mile from the crime scene, was just one stop of many.

Under tight security, and personal police escort, a bus filled with jurors leaves the Fall River Court House.

"Your responsibility is to see each place," said Judge Susan Garsh. "To observe it carefully."

Per order of the judge, NECN is not showing the jurors, but they stopped at multiple places important to the case.

Stop one was a cell phone tower in Attleboro. Then, it was off to three more cell phone towers - one right near Gillette Stadium where the former New England Patriot played, and then to two more.

Prosecutors have suggested cell tower pings could possibly link Hernandez to victim Odin Lloyd's death.

NECN spoke to people along the route.

"I work in the wireless cell phone business, so it makes a lot of sense, if it helps them make a decision," said Victor Delacamara of Cranston, Rhode Island.

The next stop was Lloyds home in Boston's Dorchester neighborhood.

Prosecutors wanted jurors to zone in on where a home surveillance camera across the street from Lloyd's house, which allegedly caught Hernandez picking up Lloyd the night of the murder.

Prosecutors then allege Hernandez and two others drove Lloyd to a North Attleboro industrial park and killed him.

The gravel pit there was also on the tour.

Then it was to Hernandez's North Attleboro house.

Media was instructed by the judge to stay 25 yards away from the juror bus and jurors at all times.

Hernandez was not on board for the view, but the judge, prosecutors and defense team were along for the ride.

A bit of controversy to add to the mix: the judge requested Thursday that the defense remove sports and football memorabilia from the inside of Hernandez's house that prosecutors say weren't there back in 2013.

Also Friday, Hernandez's attorney apologized for making a joke about DeflateGate Thursday while questioning a state police trooper. The judge chastised him after he did so.

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