High-Impact Winter Storm Possible Thursday Night

Thursday starts off sunny with temperatures in the 10s and 20s. High pressure is cold and strong, and this creates an inversion in the atmosphere, setting the stage for freezing rain Thursday night into Friday.

Another storm system approaching from the Gulf of Mexico will push clouds in during the afternoon. High temperatures will once again only be in the 20s and 30s. Snow, sleet, freezing rain and rain will all develop from south to north at night. Wind will increase out of the northeast, and we are in for a serious winter storm here first thing Friday. Wind from the northeast may gust past 45 miles an hour near the coast. With the water temperature in the lower 50s, coastal areas will see a change to plain rain.

But inland, it's a different story. It will be warmer up in the sky than down near the ground, so parts of southern New England may be raining with a temperature in the 20s to start Friday. In northern New England, where we were all snow last time, we get all snow again this time.

Any wintry mix may change back to snow before ending late Friday. It will be icy Friday night and early Saturday.

Accumulations of ice and snow will need to be honed as we get closer, but parts of southern New England may see 3 inches or more of snow, along with ice accumulations greater than a quarter of an inch. The mountains of northern New England should stay all snow with another six inches or more. Cancellations and delays appear likely Friday.

The weekend may warm up.

A warm front to our north on Saturday means we may be able to get back to the 40s in southern New England. But that front will slip south again Sunday, with a mixture of rain and snow showers possible. The forecast for next week is nearly impossible, as that front will be stalled over us, but it looks like more cold than anything, and the possibility of some more snow or mix right into Thanksgiving.

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