High School of Missing Suffield Sailor Asks for Prayers After USS McCain Collision

It was a somber day both in Suffield and Springfield, Mass. where Dustin Doyon attended high school.

Those hearing the news are sorting through emotions and lingering questions.

"We had the picture in today's paper," Michael Loughnane said

As the search for Doyon and nine other missing sailors continues near Singapore, those in Springfield, Doyon's high school town, are searching for answers.

"It's unfortunate nobody likes to see anything like that happen," Loughnane said.

Dustin was aboard the USS McCain when it hit an oil tanker Monday, flooding several compartments inside.

Members of the American Legion in Springfield like Jim Carner say the news leaves them with just as much concern as it does unanswered questions.

"I honestly think that there's more to the situation than we know you have to wait-and-see what the results are," Jim Carner said.

Dr. Paul Harrinton, head of school for Pope Francis High School, said the school community is praying for Doyon.

"The community, including our legacy schools-pray for Dustin and his family during this time of uncertainty. Dustin is a valued member of the Cathedral Class of 2009," Harrinton said.

As more time and less answers surface Michael Loughnane says he feels for Doyon's family.

"I think everybody knows it when you have a son or daughter in the service there are certain risks and most of the time those people are willing to take those risks," Loughnane said.

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