Nancy Pelosi Visits Massachusetts to Campaign Before Midterms

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is feeling confident three weeks before the midterm election.

"I do believe that today, we would win the Congress for the American people," the California Democrat said Tuesday in Massachusetts.

Her confidence is not stopping her from crossing the country campaigning for members of her party.

"No one can question her determination with winning seats across the country," said Lori Trahan, running to represent Massachusetts' 3rd Congressional District.

If the House flips in November, Pelosi is in line to become House speaker once again — though female candidates like Ayanna Pressley, and even Trahan, have yet to commit to supporting that move.

"I think that's a conversation that I look forward to having once I get through Nov. 6," Trahan said Tuesday.

Trahan's Republican opponent, Rick Green, thinks that is at the core of Pelosi's visit, which started with a high-priced fundraiser for Trahan in Concord.

"That's kind of standard operating procedure for DC when you're trying to buy leadership votes," Green said.

Pelosi is considered one of the more polarizing political figures. She is often held up by Republican candidates as all that's wrong with their Democratic challengers.

"Nancy Pelosi is here to spread her San Francisco system of sanctuary state policies," Green said. "I believe firmly that the people of this district are absolutely going to reject that at the ballot box in November."

If Pelosi is concerned about the lack of public support from some potential incoming house members, she's not letting on.

"What one person or another wants to say about me is not so important as what this election is about," Pelosi said.

The minority leader ended her day in Massachusetts speaking to students at the Institute of Politics at Harvard Kennedy School.

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