How Aerial Yoga Can Help You Get Fit and Flexible

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One of the keys to staying active all year round is finding a workout or activity that you genuinely enjoy doing. If you love the idea of exercise with no pressure on your joints, think about aerial yoga.

Aerial yoga is a form of traditional yoga that uses silk bands as props. The silks allow for extra support in some positions and a greater challenge in others.

One of the perks of aerial yoga is the ease of inversions, poses meant to help decompress pressure on your spine. In a traditional class, achieving this requires arm, forearm, or head balance but with the silks in aerial yoga, it becomes much more accessible. As with any exercise routine, make sure you learn with a properly trained professional.

Classes, in general, offer a variety of modifications to suit your fitness level. The co-owners of Earth and Aerial Yoga recommend the class to anyone ages five and up who can lift their arms above their head and raise their knee to about hip height.

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“Kick It By Eliza!” founder, Eliza Shirazi, shares her tips to fit exercise into your day with little time, and equipment you already have at home.
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