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How ‘Fathers' UpLift' Is Transforming the Lives of Dads and Their Children

Based in Dorchester, the program aims to give fathers the support they need to be the dads they want to be.

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No family is perfect, but most of us are all trying to do the best we can with our own kids. It's a big topic that we cover on Mom2Mom with Maria Sansone, but we usually focus on motherhood and don't often talk about the well-being of dads.

The Dorchester-based program, "Fathers' UpLift" is designed to uplift fathers and families nationwide who struggle with overcoming barriers such as mental health, substance abuse, and more that may impact how dads remain engaged in their kids' lives.

CEO and co-founder of 'Fathers' UpLift, Dr. Charles Daniels, Jr., started the organization based on his own childhood experience with his father.

Daniels shares, "[My] dad wasn't absent because he didn't care for me, he was absent because he was dealing with challenges in his family."

He says that the main goal of the organization is to provide fathers with support and help any father out there become the father he has always dreamed of being, even if he doesn't have the best resources to do so.

If you're interested in learning more about the program, visit: Fathers' UpLift (

Watch Daniels' interview on The Hub Today above for more information about how to help the men in your life.

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