How ‘Soca Fusion' Represents Culture and Community Through Dance

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Soca Fusion is bringing the spirit of the Caribbean to Boston. The dance program was founded by Ella Wechsler-Matthaei after years of traveling to Trinidad and Tobago.

Her vision for Soca Fusion was simple: to create a public, open-level class for various communities to come together and feel welcomed, similar to what she was a part of back home.

She recently stopped by the studio to show Kwani Lunis and Derek Zagami some moves, and to explain the wonderful way Soca Fusion celebrates culture.

Wechsler-Matthaei tells us she keeps classes affordable so everyone can join.

For more on Soca Fusion and what they have to offer, visit: SocaFusion

The nonprofit DEAFinitely is bringing together deaf and hearing youth together through music and dance.
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