How to Rehab Damaged Summer Hair

After a summer full of sun, humidity and chlorine, our hair can use some rehab.

Amanda Eberle, owner of Acure Eco Salon in West Hartford, Connecticut shares her tips for how to get your hair back to looking and feeling its best.

Get a Haircut
The very first thing you want to do is get your ends trimmed to cut off any damage. Once you remove the damaged ends, your hair will be more manageable and easier to style. 

Detox the hair
If you spent a lot of time swimming in the ocean or pool, your hair might have buildup of minerals or chlorine. To combat this, use a clarifying shampoo or add a little baking soda to your everyday shampoo for an at home solution. 

The baking soda acts as a surfactant, which helps draw out the minerals or chlorine as they attach themselves onto the baking soda. If your hair looks a little green or feels brittle, this treatment will help correct it.

Follow up with a heavy duty conditioner or hair mask. Ask your stylist what would be most suitable for your hair type and the amount of damage that you have, and also ask how often you should use it. 

You can also make your own hair mask at home using items from your pantry such as avocados, eggs, mayonaisse, olive oil, etc. Search Pinterest or Google for specific recipes. 

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