Hundreds of Dialysis Patients at Possible Risk for Disease Exposure

"Our evidence suggests that the risk is extremely low," the hospital said in a statement: WWLP

Hundreds of people who underwent dialysis at a Massachusetts medical center may have been exposed to disease as a result of improper procedures, according to NBC affiliate WWLP.

Baystate Health said in a statement to WWLP the hospital is notifying some 575 patients who were treated between Jan. 1, 2015, and Feb. 10, 2016, at Baystate Medical Center in Springfield.

A recent state inspection required Baystate to correct certain signage, the use of protective gloves and documentation of dialysis operations, according to the statement.

Baystate Health epidemiologist Dr. Sarah Haessler said most of the patients at risk have already undergone additional lab work and have not shown any signs of illness.

"While our evidence suggests that the risk is extremely low, the safest and most proactive course of action is to notify patients that there was a deviation from standard protocol and recommend that they follow up with their physician for consultation. We will take any measure necessary to ensure that our patients are safe," Haessler told WWLP.

According to Haessler, staff will be retrained and the hospital will purchase additional dialysis equipment.

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