Hurricane Harvey Donations Organized by Curt Schilling in Limbo

Owners of the trailer that was lent to Curt Schilling now plan to drive to Tennessee and retrieve it themselves -- four months after it was abandoned in a parking lot

A trailer full of donations for people in Texas affected by Hurricane Harvey, which was organized by former Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling, never made it to its destination and months later is still sitting in a parking lot in Tennessee. 

The owners of the trailer donated it to be used with Schilling's charity, Operation Bullpen, which was connecting with Operation Blessing International in Rockport, Texas.

The 16-foot enclosed trailer, which was one of many, was filled with pet supply items for hurricane victims in Texas. Owners Keith Tobin and Tom Latham thought it would be gone two to three weeks. Instead, it's been four months. 

Two days after volunteers left with the trailer, it broke down. It was left in a Home Depot parking lot in Tennessee, where it remained for months. Following threats, the trailer was towed, repaired and stored. 

A request for comment from Schilling's representative has not been returned to NBC Boston. However, later Tuesday Latham told NBC Boston he has heard from Schilling's wife, who said they will work with the owners to get the trailer back.

NBC Boston talked with the man who said he repaired the trailer and is storing it Tuesday morning, who said no one has paid the bill of over $500. Later Tuesday, the Schillings indicated they had paid the bill and plan to fund the gas and tolls for Latham and Tobin's trip south to retrieve the trailer.  

Latham and Tobin plan to embark for Tennessee from Massachusetts around 5 p.m. Tuesday.

Latham says he will drop off the donated items inside the trailer to an animal shelter along the way.

Tuesday evening, Operation Blessing International confirmed that one of Schilling's trailers of disaster relief supplies were distribued to local residents in Texas.

Despite the headache, Tobin said he doesn't regret joining in the effort to help.

"I thought it was a really good cause. I still think it's a really good cause," he said. "If they ask me again tomorrow, I would obviously donate again because if someone's in need, I'm always willing to help."

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