Identity Thief Charged $1,000 for Gift Cards at Target: Police

Watertown police are trying to find the identity thief who stole a Watertown resident’s social security number and personal information to open a Target credit card account and charge $1,000 worth of gift cards.

Police said a man opened the account at the Target store on Chase Avenue in Waterbury on Feb. 16.

Target corporate security notified the victim the following day and police said video surveillance shows the man, who is possibly in his 50s, with gray hair and dark frame glasses. Police have released surveillance images.

Watertown Police

He was driving what appears to be a newer silver Mazda 6.

Watertown police are asking for the public’s help to identify the man.

Anyone with information should call Detective Ferrucci of the Watertown Police Department at 860-945-5200 or Crimestoppers at 860-945-9940.

Police are looking for information and ask anyone who sees the man not to make contact with him.

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