“In a Mist of Serenity”: Man Weathers Blizzard Living in Tent on Maine Mountain

Some towns have experienced record breaking snowfall amounts in the last 10 days. No one will argue it's turned into a rough winter, but imagine weathering all these storms from inside a tent in the Maine woods.

Sixty-seven-year-old Ed Warden is trying to do just that. He is a volunteer camp host at Bradbury Mountain State Park in Pownal. He gets the campsite for free and, in return, must provide 20 hours of labor.

He liked the job in the summer and thought he would try it in the winter. His 12-by-20 tent does have a small wood stove and electricity, but no running water.

During the recent blizzard, he got up every hour to get the snow off of the tent.

"People say, 'aren't you scared?' No, I'd be more scared in the middle of a city somewhere," said Warden.

Warden says he tried a more conventional life, but he was more suited to this one. He believes being so close to nature offers him serenity
and keeps him healthy.

Warden says he'll stay in his tent at least through next summer.

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