Industry Group Backs Marijuana Sales in Massachusetts Liquor Stores

Buying alcohol and recreational marijuana in the same store could eventually become possible in Massachusetts.

Some package store owners say they now want to get into the retail marijuana business.

Shopper Jehugh Francois said he doesn't see any problem with buying his moscato and marijuana in the same store.

"I don’t really see an issue," he said. "Why not have a one stop shop for all of it?"

Shopping at Upper Falls Fine Wines and Spirits in Newton, Francois said he thinks the concept is inevitable.

"It’s one of those things where you have a recreational product like marijuana along with recreational products like alcohol, you put them both in the same place, you are just looking to make more money and it just makes sense," he said.

The Massachusetts Package Store Association, which represents hundreds of store owners around the state, recently agreed to support members who want to sell pot.

But not every consumer agrees.

Shopper Brendan Ferguson said he has reservations.

"I think it needs to be in a separate location," he said. "It’s just a whole different thing."

According to the state law that went into effect on Dec. 15, anyone 21 or older can use, possess or grow marijuana. But similar to alcohol, it can't be used while driving. It also can't be used in public.

"Where does that end? Then is it going to be sold in grocery stores?" asked Ferguson. "It just encourages bad behavior I think by selling them together."

The one stop shopping would likely not happen before July 2019. According to the state treasurer's office, under the current law, marijuana dispensaries would get the first retail licenses in July 2018 and other businesses would have to wait a year.

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