Injured Secret Service Agent Marries in ICU

One of four Secret Service agents involved in fatal crash

It wasn’t the wedding they planned, but the Fitzgeralds seem to have no regrets about their marriage last weekend.

30-year-old Garrett Fitzgerald was one of four on-duty Secret Service agents hurt in a car crash in New Hampshire last month while working a security detail for Hillary Clinton. On the job for only a few weeks, Fitzgerald was hurt the worst, and remains paralyzed from the waist down.

So instead of walking her down the aisle, Joan Fitzgerald's father walked her across the ICU at Mass General to her waiting groom Saturday.

The two were married by a Catholic priest, with Joan in her mother’s pearls and Garrett in his vest and tie.

“He looked wonderful. He looked strong. He looked brave. He looked ready to get married so that was exciting too,” Joan Fitzgerald told necn. “I just felt blessed that I could say [my vows] to him, because on December 29. I may not have had that opportunity and I just felt blessed that he was there in front of me.”

Garrett has been moved to a rehabilitation hospital and isn't ready to talk publicly, but his new wife says he wants to walk again and hopes go back on duty with the Secret Service.

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“He's moving his right arm a lot so that's really good and getting some movement in his left shoulder which is very exciting,” Joan said. “Little -- little victories -- that's what we get excited about. He wants really wants people to know that he is ready to work and he will get back to work.”

More than 2-thousand people have donated nearly a quarter of a million dollars to help Fitzgerald as he recovers. His wife says he plans to write thank you notes to every single one of them.

You can check out their fundraising page here.

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