Artist Responds After Tom Brady Courtroom Sketch Goes Viral

The internet was quick to react to Tom Brady's courtroom sketch on Wednesday.

A courtroom artist whose gaunt sketches of Tom Brady at the first "Deflategate" civil suit hearing in Manhattan federal court led to a Twitter flurry says it's her job to show what's going on.

Jane Rosenberg's drawings of the New England Patriots quarterback Wednesday were compared with everything from "Lurch" in "The Addams Family" to the figure in Edvard Munch's "The Scream."

Rosenberg, who's been sketching high-profile court cases for 35 years, says she was working under pressure and working fast.

"I have to apologize to Tom Brady and all of his fans," she told necn.

"He's obviously a famous personality, and everyone expected me to make him more beautiful or as beautiful as he is, and when I'm under such pressure I tend to just grab onto certain lines and I don't flatter people," she said.

After her sketches were released Wednesday, humorous images depicting the sketches went viral on social media. Rosenberg says some of the backlash was funny, but some of it was "just mean." She also said it hadn't all "sunk in yet."

"I did a wide shot with 100 people in it, and people are just pulling into this little picture of Tom Brady and I'm working with pastels, it's very hard to get the likeness when you work so small," she explained.

In one GIF, or animated image, Tom Brady morphs through the years into the sketch from today. In another, his head on the Mona Lisa.

Rosenberg has been sketching for decades on major federal cases- most recently the Boston Bomber case.

She says she's not on social media, but was informed of the viral photos and videos through email right away.

"Some of it's funny. Some of it's just mean," she said. 

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