It Takes a Village: Mom Talk With Krystian Gabrielle

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When Krystian Gabrielle became a mom for the first time she wanted to find her community - one that she could connect and laugh with.

She found it on social media when she switched her Instagram account from private to public.

Since that moment she has connected with thousands of women virtually and even hosted an in-person meet-up.

She joined Maria Sansone for an episode of 'The Hub Today Presents Mom2Mom' to talk about all the humor behind raising two small kids with her wife in Florida, finding the right parenting path for your family, and more. It's a

Watch the full interview above to learn more about Krystian Gabrielle's life or listen to the podcast version by clicking the QR code below.

Isa Watson understands the tendency for friends to connect on social media, but she says real life, deeper connection is critical. So, she launched Squad. In this episode of Mom2Mom with Maria Sansone, she shares simple tips to help friends engage in a positive way .
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