It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year: Allston Christmas

Looking for a microwave? You can probably find one!

Sept. 1 in the Boston-area has come to be known as "Allston Christmas," a day when hundreds of college students and recent graduates move into their new apartments and give-away desks, lamps, tables, and chairs for free.

The saying, "one man's trash is another man's treasure" is quite literal on Allston Christmas where students can obtain new additions to their apartments for free.

"I don’t know as a civilization, a society, we have this day, but I’m pretty happy that we do in all honesty," Billy Bevevino said.

The streets of Allston, Brighton, and other Boston neighborhoods are lined with televisions, microwaves, even gaming devices, that some have decided are too much to move to their new places.

"I am just looking for stuff today, scavenger. Just like people’s trash," said Bevevino. "Last year I got all my couches that way, all the gear for my house."

According to the City of Boston, 70 percent of leases begin in Boston on Sept. 1.

"If I can I’m going to try and get an apartment that does not move out on the 31st because this is just crazy, the parking spot, everyone has moving permits," said Dan Bartkus. "It’s a battle; it’s a turf war; it’s ridiculous."

The city is expected to be more crowded than usual and to help combat traffic delays, Mayor Walsh has impelmented various strategies to help the moves go more smoothly.

Non-emergency issues such as apartment inspections and reporting improperly stored trash should be reported through Boston 311.

Neighborhood liasons will be on site in various neighborhods to "assist residents with questions or concerns."

Landlords are being told to tell their residents how to place trash and recycling material.

There will be many traffic restrictions in place which you can check out here.

Residents also must obtain moving permits which they can do through the City of Boston.

"We had to do this overnight because we both have jobs," said Devin Kruljac. "I have a week vacation after this."

Necn will be out covering the famous Boston holiday.

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For more information visit the City of Boston's website.

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