January Thaw Continues

Thanks to High Pressure from Canada with a mostly clear sky we had what's called radiational cooling last night. The heat from the day was allowed to escape with some of the colder spots getting to 0 degrees this morning. For most of us we start at 10-20 degrees.

This morning looks beautiful with sunshine and light winds, temperatures will warm to the 30s by afternoon with the breeze returning from the southwest at 10 to 20 mph.

A warm front moving through Pennsylvania and New York will cross New England tonight with clouds arriving, and the temperature is holding in the 30s for a low tomorrow morning. There also may be some spotty freezing drizzle and snow in far northern New England overnight.

We are all on the warm side of the front tomorrow with a little bit of sun south, mostly cloudy north, and a high temperature close to 50 degrees.

We call it a thaw when the temperature stays above freezing at night and that's exactly what's going to happen tomorrow night — mostly cloudy with patchy dense fog, low temperature in the 40s.

We begin Friday with snow already melting with rain quickly becoming heavy at times.

Temperatures on Friday will be well into the 50s for a lot of New England, causing rapid snow melt.

The result will be rising rivers, possible ice jams, and a general widespread flood threat.

One wave of low pressure goes by to the north late Friday, pulling colder air back into Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine.

We also have our eye on California, where heavy rain fell in the fire zone, resulting in devastated mudslides. That storm is crossing the country and arrives here Saturday, passing across central New England. That means more rain for Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island, but a threat for freezing rain and snow further north.

The whole mess should wind down in time for drying at the Patriots game Saturday night.

High pressure moves in from Canada on Sunday with a mostly dry day and wind from the northwest pushing temperature is back down to about freezing or so.

Next week starts off dry and on the cold side with a high temperature in the 20s. Then we may see more action in the form of snow or possibly a wintry mix by later Tuesday into Wednesday.

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