Mostly Quiet Skies for Now in New England, But Possible Storm on the Way

We’re entering several days of an active jet stream pattern aloft, set to culminate in another substantial blast of arctic air toward the end of next week.

The jet stream – the fast river of air high in the sky that steers storms and separates warm air to the south from cold to the north – is configured just right to steer numerous atmospheric disturbances near or over New England in the days ahead.

However, right now it looks like the jet stream is not configured for substantial New England storm development. With that said, the mere presence of an ample amount of energy aloft means we’ll be keeping a watchful eye on each disturbance as it passes.

On Friday morning, patchy black ice melted in the morning sun. However, a disturbance delivering cold air blots out the sun with building clouds and some afternoon flurries. Another disturbance will move overhead Saturday, breeding more clouds to mix with and overwhelm the sun, but little more than mountain flurries are expected.

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Yet another disturbance on Sunday has a better chance of producing pockets of snow showers – possibly mixed with rain before ending south – with what likely will be a very light and scattered accumulation. Up to a couple of inches appear possible in the mountains and this disturbance, in the favorable jet stream pattern, will be watched closely over the weekend.

Monday and Tuesday each bring nearby atmospheric energy aloft, with Monday's likely to miss New England to the southeast and Tuesday’s likely to move directly overhead, delivering both snow and rain Tuesday through Tuesday night.

By Wednesday, a flow of arctic air begins into New England, culminating in another rather severe blast of cold Thursday and Friday in our exclusive First Alert 10-day forecast.

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