Joan of Arc to Be Portrayed as Nonbinary in New Production at London's Globe Theatre

“People and communities deserve to be championed, and there’s no limit to the number we can do that for,” actor Isobel Thom told NBC News

A statue of Joan of Arc in Orleans, France.

Legendary French heroine Joan of Arc will be portrayed as nonbinary in a radical departure from the historic figure's usual depiction at London’s Globe Theatre.

A patron saint of France, who is beloved for her role in the Siege of Orleans between 1428 and 1429 — a major French military victory over the English during the Hundred Years War — the new interpretation of her life will be performed at the theater that was home to famed British playwright William Shakespeare.

Nonbinary actor Isobel Thom will play the role in “I, Joan,” scripted with “they” and “them” pronouns by Charlie Joseph, who is also nonbinary, the Globe said in a news release. It will be directed by Ilinca Radulian, who identifies as a woman.

“Our story of Joan is full of joy and love and hope and magic and revolution,” Thom told NBC News by email Saturday.

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