Some in Tsarnaev Jury Pool Say They Could be Fair in Jury Trial

More prospective jurors for the Boston Marathon bombing trial were questioned Tuesday

As attorneys in the Boston marathon bombing trial inch closer to identifying a large enough jury pool to move into the third phase of jury selection, it's becoming clear that the focus on both sides is not necessarily on defendant Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's guilt, but rather on the death penalty.

Most jurors seemed convinced of Tsarnaev's guilt based on what they'd heard or read about the case, although some said they could put that aside and be impartial.

The defense seemed to question how one of those jurors could possibly be impartial when her life had "intersected with this case in so many ways."

She was a University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth graduate who may have shared a history teacher with Tsarnaev.

Her boyfriend and friends had to shelter in place during the manhunt.

And her brothers are Marines, one of whom served in the war in Afghanistan - which, the defense pointed out, may be discussed as a possible motive in this case.

Defense attorneys even questioned whether another woman was too eager to get on the jury - saying that she works for Mass General Hospital but that she didn't know the president visited victims there.

For his part, Tsarnaev seemed disinterested in the proceedings much of the day, at times slumped back in his chair or flipping through papers.

So far, only 52 jurors have been questioned individually. While none of them have been excused on the record, it's clear many will be excused for cause.

At least 58 jurors will be needed to move onto the third phase of jury selection.

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