Kidman-Paltrow Transgender Romance Gets New Director

ABBA superfan Lasse Hallström is taking the reins of "The Danish Girl," about the first ever sex-change patient.

Hallström is taking over from "Let the Right One" director Tomas Alfredson, according to a report in the Swedish press spotted by The Playlist.

The film takes place in the 1920s and  stars Nicole Kidman as Lili Elbe, nee Einar Wegener, a Danish artist who falls in love with fellow artist Gerda Wegener, to be played Paltrow.

The story of Wegener's transformation begins in the fictionalized novel by David Ebrshoff with him donning "stockings and high-heeled shoes, perhaps even a dress, just for a little while, so (his wife, Greta) can finish the bottom half of a woman's portrait," according to The New York Times.

Hallström and Kidman have both shown flashes of greatness throughout their careers and it's easy to understand why being married to Paltrow could make you want to become a woman.

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