Kitten Rescued From Engine Compartment of Vehicle in Seymour

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Citizens' Engine Co. No.2
Citizens' Engine Co. No.2
Firefighters were called to Willow Street after getting a report of an animal that needed to be rescued. When crews arrived, they found a small kitten stuck in the engine compartment of a vehicle.
Citizens' Engine Co. No.2
The kitten was quickly and safely removed and was taken to the VCA Shoreline Veterinarian Hospital in Shelton to be evaluated. At the hospital, the kitten was given a bath and a full check up.
Citizens' Engine Co. No.2
Officials said hospital staff was going to contact Animal Control to try and find either its owner or a new adoptive family. The kitten's owner was not found at the scene or in the nearby neighborhoods.
Citizens' Engine Co. No.2
If you have any information on the kitten, you're asked to contact the firefighters on Facebook here.
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