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Kraft Eyes Big Mac Collaboration With McDonald's

The company launched a virtual campaign urging fans to push for the fusion of the two comfort foods

Kraft is vying for the "biggest, mac-iest" crossover with McDonald's: A Big Mac loaded with heaping scoops of mac and cheese.

The company launched a campaign Wednesday, petitioning the world's largest hamburger chain to pile its boxed noodles onto the menu staple.

Fully committing to the stunt, Kraft launched The website lets fans rally for the fusion of the two comfort foods, with features that link to the fast-food chain's feedback form and lead to a pre-drafted Tweet tagging McDonald's so supports can push for the collaboration.

One pre-populated Tweet reads, "Hi @mcdonalds your mac and cheese results just came back negative. & that’s no good. #wheresthemac"

Kraft even offered those who Tweeted for the cause a coupon for a free box of mac and cheese. As of Friday, the website noted the coupons were all out.

Kraft continued to egg McDonald's on, calling the chain out on Twitter for looking the other way at their efforts.

This isn't the first time Kraft has suggested a crossover between the two Chicago-based companies. In 2020, Kraft asked McDonald's if it could run its own rendition of the Big Mac.

McDonald's commented, "thank u for asking. brb calling our lawyers," before ultimately shutting down the hopes with "they said no :("

Kraft's newest proposal has yet to illicit a public response from the chain.

McDonald's has been busy, though. It recently marked the return of its popular Happy Meal Halloween Pails and the debut of Happy Meals for adults.

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