Law Student Used Years of CPR Training to Keep Man Alive Until Help Arrived

"If you had a chance to save someone’s life, you would."

A 25-year-old woman was able to save a man's life because she was trained in CPR.

Tiara Gose, 25, is a law student who works part-time at a recreational center, Thompson Park, in Bellflower, California. She had just started her shift when a coworker told her a man had passed out.

The 61-year-old man who had been playing ping pong was unconscious and turning blue, she said. She didn't think twice about trying to rescue him with CPR.

"I know that I did something that everyone sees as a courageous act, but to me it was something that everyone would do," she said. "If you had a chance to save someone’s life, you would."

Using her years of CPR training, Gose began compressions and kept him alive until paramedics arrived.

Tragically, the man died at the hospital several days later. Gose said his death made her feel "defeated" because she had worked so hard to save him. Her loved ones reassured her that the CPR gave the man some extra time to be with his family before he died.

Gose feels more confident than ever about her CPR skills. She has seven years of training and plans to keep practicing the life-saving skill.

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