Lawyers Seek to Compel Nathan Carman to Speak About Missing Gun

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An insurance company is asking a federal judge to force a former Middletown, Connecticut man who now lives in Vermont to discuss what happened to a missing gun that matches the caliber used to kill his grandfather. 

The Hartford Courant reports National Liability & Fire Insurance company lawyers filed a motion in Rhode Island last week seeking to compel Nathan Carman to discuss the Sig Sauer rifle he bought before his grandfather's death. 

Carman is accused in a lawsuit of being responsible for the 2013 death of Connecticut resident John Chakalos, a multi-millionaire real estate developer. 

The insurance company is seeking to avoid payment on a policy for a boat Carman was on when he and his mother disappeared in 2016. His mother is presumed dead. He was rescued. 

He denies any wrongdoing and has never been charged with either death.

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