Small Plane Crashes at Boy Scouts’ Camp in Plymouth

The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating after a small plane crashed near a pond at the Boy Scouts' Camp Mattatuck in Plymouth on Thursday. 

A small, single-engine experimental plane crashed near Waterbury Airport off Mt. Tobe Road, the Terryville fire chief said. 

One person was extricated from the wreckage and transported to a nearby hospital via LifeStar. 

The fire chief said the plane might have been trying to land at a private airstrip nearby. 

"We had a plane coming in from the north and his engine quit. He landed over the other side of the pond here in the trees and the plane collapsed around him," chief Mark Sekorski of the Terryville Fire Department said.

Greg Gubitosi, who had been fishing at the pond where he also works, raced to help the pilot after the plane crashed.

"I ran over, went through typical, 'Are you OK? Can you hear me? What’s your name? Do you know where you are?' There’s no response. Called 911," Gubitosi said.

Gubitosi had noticed the engine kept restarting while the plane was flying. When he saw the plane flying really low, he knew something was happening. 

No other information about the pilot has been released, including his name or where he and the plane are from.

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