Light Snow Departs, Cooler Air Expected for Red Sox Home Opener

A quick burst of snow lasting only four to five hours was enough to deliver nearly half a foot of snow to some of Connecticut, with at least a couple of inches for the vast majority of southern New England Monday morning.

Given the strong sun angle this time of year (even through clouds), the mild weekend and resultant mild pavement, and the brevity of the snow, most roads could withstand the snow well, but Connecticut and far southern New England’s impact has been greater.

As snow departs, melting ensues, with afternoon temperatures rising well into the 40s for ample road spray and solar glare during the late day. Northern New England stays dry, but where moisture falls, a partly cloudy and sub-freezing overnight will mean patchy black ice.

In a very active weather pattern, another disturbance races into New England Tuesday afternoon, meaning limited morning sun quickly fades as rain clouds arrive for the afternoon and evening, marking a push of considerably milder air that won’t be felt Tuesday, but will make itself known Wednesday in the form of a busy wind and temperatures around and over 60 degrees in most of southern New England.

Showers are likely Wednesday amidst the warmer air, as the atmosphere will remain in flux, set to cool again by Thursday, but the new, cool air will be dry enough for a fair home opener for the Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park.

Our busy weather pattern resumes Friday with a rain/snow line setting up in Central New England, then perhaps another storm early next week in the exclusive Early Warning Weather 10-day forecast.

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