Light Wintry Mix for Some Ahead of Showers

We have a new weather pattern for the next few days and into the weekend. A warm front is passing over this morning but a light wintry mix is possible in the higher elevation. Showers, mixed with sleet or even a few snowflakes, end by mid-morning. Clouds will be stubborn, but there may be some gradual clearing during the afternoon. Temperatures will climb into the low 50s.

Several more rounds of rain will be possible tomorrow through the day on Friday. Don’t expect a lot of sunshine these days, but it will be relatively warm. Temperatures will climb into the mid and upper 50s. There is a good chance that temperatures will reach 60 degrees on Friday, along with gusty wind and a possible thunderstorm later in the day.

Fingers crossed, the weekend is looking a little drier. It will remain a fairly active pattern, but it’s possible that we will be caught in between two systems. Temperatures will likely climb into the low and mid 50s through the weekend. Don’t hang your hat on an entirely dry weekend, but we are hoping for a more optimistic forecast.

Another storm system will move in early the following week. The official forecast is calling for temperatures in the mid-40s to around 50 degrees from Monday through Thursday.

On paper, that doesn’t look too bad for early April, however, this forecast could change. Some of the model ensembles are showing snow during the window of time. That’s not an April fool’s joke, but it’s possible that we could see a few more flakes before spring takes permanent residence.

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