“Lincoln and the Jews” Exhibit in Photos

A gallery of select photos that are shown in the "Lincoln and the Jews" exhibit at the New-York Historical Society.

6 photos
Chicago History Museum, ICHI-524
Painting titled: The Last Hours of Abraham Lincoln, by Alonzo Chappel, 1868. Oil on canvas. This painting depicts President Lincoln on his deathbed surrounded by a large group of people including Robert Todd Lincoln, Mary Todd Lincoln, Clara Harris, Henry Rathbone, Edwin Stanton, and Andrew Johnson. Artist and engraver John B. Bachelder of Washington, D.C., arranged for everyone who visited the dying president to have their photographs taken at Mathew Brady’s studio. From those images, Bachelder created a design for a monumental painting and hired Alonzo Chappel to complete the canvas.
Library of Congress
In a letter by Abraham Jonas, dated Dec. 30, 1860, Lincoln’s close friend warned the president-elect of an assassination plot planned for his first Inauguration.
Wells Family Collection.
Abraham Jonas photograph. Abraham Lincoln wrote to friend Jonas and called him "one of my most valued friends."
Library of Congress
Photograph of Lincoln by Samuel Alschuler wearing Alschuler's velvet trimmed coat for this photo
Library of Congress
Portrait of a peddler carrying his wares. Peddling was a popular occupation for young, male Jewish immigrants in America in the 1800s.
New-York Historical Society
In this letter from November 4, 1862, Abraham Lincoln writes to Secretary of War Stanton his appointment of C.M. Levy to be assistant quarter master.
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