Localized Flash Flooding Possible With Widespread Rain

Humidity will be noticeably higher Wednesday as clouds thicken and downpours are expected to arrive before the day is over.

Weather systems are certainly moving slowly this week, but the high-pressure that’s been here for several days is finally being squeezed out east of the Gulf of Maine.

Tuesday in Oklahoma City, the temperature was 78 degrees. That’s the coolest it’s been since the middle of June, where the previous day saw severe weather and flooding. It is that front that is now coming toward New England.

It is nowhere near as powerful as a couple of days ago, but it’s going to be fueled by some tropical energy well north of potential tropical storm Erin a couple hundred miles east of North Carolina.

Under thickening clouds, temperatures will get close to 80 degrees with showers developing south and west by early afternoon. There is a little wind to speak of, mostly from the south around 5 to 10 mph. Showers with a few thunderstorms will cross New England from west to east Wednesday night.

Rainfall rates in excess of 3 inches per hour may result in localized flash flooding.

Though we are not expecting widespread severe thunderstorms, there could be some localized wind damage.

Drying should occur in western New England by midnight, and for most of the region by sunrise Thursday. The exception is eastern Maine, where rain and thunder may continue with flash flooding possible Thursday morning.

Less humid air will return, with increasing sunshine from west to east on Thursday. High temperatures can expect to be in the low to middle 80s.

An upper level low in southeastern Canada will send another front through New England Friday, with just a chance of a shower. With our air coming from southeastern Canada, tropical cyclone Dorian is not a problem for us. That’s a different story from Puerto Rico to the Bahamas and Florida, where Dorian may cause flooding and wind damage.

Our Friday should feature a good amount of sunshine with a high temperature in the low 80s. Cooler air will come in for the weekend. It’s a tough call on if and when it may rain.

There will be a boundary between chilly weather in southeastern Canada and increasingly warm and humid weather off to our south. This boundary may stall all over New England with a chance of showers later Sunday and Monday. Do not write off any plans, as the forecast is still uncertain.

That is our latest estimate in the First Alert 10-Day Forecast.

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