Love At First Read: 6 Book Picks for February & Beyond

'Bookstagrammer' Grace Chlosta shares her top page-turners.

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Who doesn't love a good book, right, especially when it comes to those sappy romances and thrillers?

Valentine's Day is right around the corner, so if you're looking for a romance or even an anti-romance, there is no one better to give you suggestions than 'Bookstagrammer' Grace Chlosta. Here are her picks for February and into spring.

Six Top Must-Read Books Right Now:

1. "The One" - John Marrs

Genre: Thriller/Fiction

This is a psychological thriller with a romantic/anti-romantic twist. Characters take DNA tests that will tell them who their ultimate soulmate is. This forms some couples but breaks up many others.

2. "Seven Days in June" - Tia Williams

Genre: Romance

This is a true romance and a sexy, modern love story. It features two authors who are current enemies, but once spent a week-long romance together and won't stop writing about it in their books.

3. "These Impossible Things" - Salma El-Wardany

Genre: Contemporary/Romance

This is a book for everyone wanting to celebrate friendships instead of romance and follows three best friends as their lives begin to go different ways on their journey to adulthood.

4. "Pack Up the Moon" - Kristan Higgins

Genre: Romance/Fiction

This is a heart-wrenching romance that follows a husband's journey after his wife's death from a long-term illness.

5. "Just the Nicest Couple" - Mary Kubica

Genre: Thriller

This is another one for Anti-Valentine's Day and is a new release. It involves a husband who disappears, and the two couples who are linked to it. Mary Kubica is one of my favorite thriller authors!

6. Any book by Emily Henry

If there's time as a general shout-out, I would recommend any book by Emily Henry. She is the most light-hearted, fun, steamy romance author. And she has a new book coming out in April!

For more book recommendations and to join Grace's one-woman Book Club podcast, check her out on Instagram @gracesreadingnook.

Bookstagrammer Grace Chlosta shares some of her top picks for cozy reads this winter.
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