Luck, Sherman Not Worried About Deflategate

Did the Pats cheat? Does it even matter?

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We're four days into the latest Patriots-related scandal (if you can even call it that): Deflategate. There seem to be two camps on the matter: 1) Patriots, by reputation, are definitely guilty and should be punished severely. (Some are calling for coach Bill Belichick to be fired, while others think he shouldn't be allowed to coach in the Super Bowl.) And 2) It's not a big deal because, at the end of the day, we're talking about footballs.

We fall into camp No. 2. As does Colts quarterback Andrew Luck, who was on the receiving end of a 45-7 beatdown last Sunday, courtesy of the Patriots. On Wednesday night, he was the top pick in the Pro Bowl, hardly a worthy consolation prize to missing out on the Super Bowl.

"The energy is sort of sucked out of you, you do feel deflated," Luck told reporters (via, before realizing the unintentional joke. "Aww, shoot," he added.

As for deflating footballs, Luck added: "I don't know. Things in the media tend to be blown out of proportion a little bit. It's the nature in where we are today in society. You can't take anything away from them being a heck of a team and they are a good football team."

Meanwhile, halfway across the country, Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman, who will face the Patriots in the Super Bowl, shared his thoughts.

"If it's against the rules, it's against the rules," he said. "But it's not going to have any effect on this game. Nobody is going to get suspended [for the Super Bowl], and nothing's going to happen. We're gonna play this game. Whatever they did, the risk/reward was greater.''

When asked if he ever intercepted a deflated football Sherman said, "I'll have to go back to my collection and check 'em. I'll have to see if pounds are missing. Really, I've never heard of that. I'm not sure anything will come [of] it, if it's true or not true. It didn't have much effect on the [AFC Championship Game], if any."

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