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Maine Deputy Poses as Panhandler to Catch Distracted Drivers

A Maine law enforcement officer posed as a panhandler this week to catch drivers distracted by their mobile devices.

WCSH reports that Zach Kinderlan, a Sagadahoc County Sheriff's deputy, stood in street clothes with a cardboard sign as he attempted to catch people texting Tuesday.

"Hello! I'm a Deputy and if you're TEXTING you're about to get a TICKET," the sign read.

"I have walked up to a couple windows, and people shake their head no and I have to point to the badge on my hip so that they understand I am a cop," the deputy told WCSH.

Looking at one's phone is against the law in Maine, even when stopped at an intersection.

According to WCSH, the Maine Bureau of Highway Safety is funding an effort to keep drivers from texting and not wearing seat belts.

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