Maine Governor Offers Job to Alleged Wife Abuser

Maine Governor Paul LePage is offering a job to former White House speech writer David Sorensen, who resigned last month following abuse allegations by his ex wife.

LePage says he is "100 percent" behind Sorensen, who worked for him before going to the White House. 

Speechwriter David Sorensen suddenly resigned after his ex-wife aired accusations of domestic violence during their two-and-a-half year marriage. Sorensen in a statement to NBC News on Feb. 10, denied the allegations. "I want to be as unequivocal as possible: I have never committed violence of any kind against any woman in my entire life," he said in the statement.

A White House official said that Sorensen's position did not require a security clearance, but there was an ongoing background check.

Sorensen had been in his position as a speechwriter for less than a year. He worked as a staff member of the Council on Environmental Quality, which is attached to the Executive Office of the President of the United States.

Sorensen's resignation came amid the departure of White House staff secretary Rob Porter, who resigned after two of his ex-wives shared allegations of domestic violence during their respective marriages to the former White House staff secretary.

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