Man Allegedly Tries Taking Officer’s Gun During Traffic Stop in New Hampshire

Dana Hathaway

Police in New Hampshire took a man into custody early Saturday morning after he allegedly tried to take an officer's gun during a traffic stop in Manchester.

Authorities said an officer stopped Dana Hathaway, 19, of Northwood, for a red light violation near the intersection of Auburn and Pine streets at 12:22 a.m.

Hathaway said he was being taught how to drive by the owner of the vehicle and initially gave the officer a false name.

When another officer arrived for backup, police said Hathaway began to tense up while standing at the rear of the vehicle.

During a routine pat down, police said Hathaway spun around and allegedly tried grabbing the officer's gun with one hand and the officer's arm with the other.

The officer was able to bring Hathaway to the ground and handcuff him.

After taking Hathaway into custody, police learned he had multiple outstanding warrants and is currently on probation.

Hathaway is being held on bail on charges of disobeying a police officer, resisting arrest/detention and attempting to take a firearm from a police officer. He is scheduled to be arraigned Monday at 9th Circuit Court Manchester.

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