Man Arrested for Assaulting a Child at Cowabunga’s

Paul Aliotta
Hooksett Police Department

A Haverhill, Massachusetts, man has been arrested for assaulting a child at Cowabunga's in Hooksett, New Hampshire, according to Hooksett police.

After a warrant was issued for his arrest, Paul Aliotta, 30, turned himself into Hooksett Police on Saturday, July 22.

On July 15 at around 5:00 p.m., Hooksett police responded to Cowabunga's for a report of an argument between parents.

After speaking with parents and reviewing surveillance footage, officers determined that Aliotta shoved an 8-year-old boy who hit his daughter with a foam ball in the Tiki Blast ball pit, where the children had been playing.

A report from Hooksett police clarifies that this sort of activity is allowed within the Cowabunga's Tiki Blast ball pit.

Aliotta allegedly shoved the 8-year-old approximately five feet backwards. The boy was not injured.

Aliotta has been released on $2,000 personal recognizance. He is scheduled to appear at the 6th Circuit Hooksett Court August 1.

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