Marc Fortier

School Locked Down in Medford, Massachusetts After Reports of Knife-Wielding Man

A man who was seen running around in the area of a Massachusetts elementary school making threats and carrying knives is now safely in custody.

Police in Medford responded to a report of a suspicious individual shortly before noon on Tuesday. They said the man was running around a neighborhood threatening people on foot and in cars with knives.

The man made his way to the area of Willis and Hicks avenues where he was confronted by a Medford police officer. That officer called for help, and additional officers responded.

The man was ultimately apprehended in the area of Columbus Elementary School when an officer jumped on him as police were negotiating with him. Officers moved in quickly and disarmed and handcuffed the man.

The situation forced the school into lockdown right around lunchtime. Parents received a robocall from the district and many of them rushed to the school.

Police said at no time were any children or school personnel in harm's way.

"The worst," parent Taylor Dolfi said. "Especially with what happened in Las Vegas. I heard the helicopters coming over my house."

Police surrounded the suspicious man, who was found to be carrying three knives.

"He was carrying knives and making threatening statements to himself and others he was encountering along the way," Medford Police Chief Leo Sacco said.

School Superintendent Roy Belson said school safety drills helped prepare students and staff for the situation.

"The school did what they had to do and informed parents," he said. "Some were obviously more emotional about the situation."

Right now, police said the suspect is not behind bars, but at an area hospital. He will receive mental health treatment and may face criminal charges at a later date.

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