Man Punches Woman in Face During Road Rage Incident in Southington

Southington Police

A man punched a woman in the face in Southington during a road rage incident last week, police said. 

The victim told police she was driving on Marion Avenue on June 9 when she drove up behind a pickup truck being driven by Paul Haburay. 

According to police, Haburay's pickup truck suddenly swerved left before pulling over to the right side of the road. The victim told police she thought Haburay wanted her to pass, so she drove around the truck and continued on Marion Avenue.

As she was driving, the truck allegedly got right behind the victim's car, making her believe she would get hit in the rear of her car, so she pulled into a parking lot and the pickup truck followed, police reported.

The two drivers got out of their vehicles and the victim said Haburay began yelling about what happened in the road minutes before, Southington Police said. 

During the verbal argument, the victim said "without warning or provocation", Haburay punched her underneath her left eye, police said. 

The victim went into a nearby building, later obtained Haburay's license and the suspect left the area.

Haburay, 58, of Southington, was charged with third-degree assault and illegal operation of a motor vehicle with intent to harass or intimidate. His bond was set at $2,000.

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