Man Stabbed by Burglar in Pelham, NH Home

A New Hampshire man was stabbed inside his own home after interrupting a burglary in progress. Thursday night, police say the suspects are still on the loose.

The Jackson family has lived on Koper Lane in Pelham for the last 19 years. They always felt safe inside their home, until Wednesday night.

Taylor Jackson was at the beach with her mom, Nicole, when they got word from Pelham Police that her dad was being rushed to the hospital.

"I think I was just in shock," said Nicole Jackson.

"We're in Pelham, New Hampshire," Taylor Jackson said. "It's absolutely horrifying."

She says when her dad, Steven, got home from dinner around 7 p.m. Wednesday, he knew something was wrong because his dog, Buddy, wasn't there to greet him.

"He was like, 'Where is the dog,' and then he heard him scratching at the door," Taylor Jackson said.

As her dad let Buddy out of the vacuum closet, she says two men came running down the stairs. One of them stabbed him before they both took off into the woods.

"If he didn't put his arm up to defend himself, he would've been stabbed in the chest," Taylor Jackson said. "Who is to say it wouldn't have killed him?"

Steven Jackson was treated for stab wounds on his back and arm. He was back to work on Thursday.

"This gentleman is extremely lucky," said Pelham Police Sgt. Glen Chase. "Obviously, the burglars aren't expecting someone to be there, so bad things can happen, bad things did happen, but it could've been extremely worse."

The intruders ransacked jewelry boxes and dressers, but dropped everything during the scuffle.

Still, the Jackson family says, they've been robbed, and peace of mind is hard to replace.

"This will horrify my family forever, we don't feel safe in our own house, and my dad has to live with this," Taylor said.

Police say Steven Jackson did not recognize the two men, so they're trying to figure out why the suspects targeted his home.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Pelham Police.

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