Man Walks From West to East Coast on Personal Journey

Davis ended his journey the same way it began, with a dip in the ocean, this time the Atlantic

A man who walked for five months from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean finished his trek Saturday in Boston, Massachusetts.

Ben Davis started his walk as a personal goal but along the way became an inspiration to people.

"I've gone through four pairs of shoes, this is my fifth," Davis said after arriving in Boston. "Boston streets, I've been going up and down, and up and down."

Davis left from Los Angeles, California, on February 27 with a budget of $40 a day and a stroller packed with supplies.

A real life Forrest Gump of sorts — his reasoning was simple. He could, so why not?

"When the only thing you do is wake up and walk for 12-13 hours, that becomes who you are," Davis said. "It defines my days, to think you know, 'what am I going to do tomorrow or the next day."

His biggest challenge came March 22 when he hit a dust storm in Arizona — it was the same day terrorists attacked the airport in Brussels.

"I'm so desensitized now to all the negativity I didn't give it a second thought," he said.

But a couple of months later — that would change.

"I got an email from a woman named Cameron and her husband was killed in the bombing," Davis recalled.

The woman told him that following his journey has helped her cope with her loss.

"My worst day was because I had dirt on me and it was kind of windy on the same day she lost her husband," Davis said. "And I made a promise to myself to give these things a little more than just a passing thought."

Like Forrest Gump, he gained other followers during his 3,100 mile journey. And when it was over, Davis ended his journey the same way it began, with a dip in the ocean, this time the Atlantic.

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