NH Police Hold Robbery Prevention Seminar Following Uptick in Crimes

Manchester Police say they've responded to at least ten convenience store robberies since the beginning of the year

An uptick in armed robberies in Manchester, New Hampshire, is prompting a unique police response. A robbery prevention seminar is being held on Thursday night as investigators continue the search for their latest suspect.

Police say they've responded to at least ten convenience store robberies since the beginning of the year. The latest one happened Sunday night at Mr. Market on Spruce Street.

"I was petrified," said the clerk Theresa who was behind the counter at the time. Theresa asked NBC10 Boston not to use her last name or show her face for fear of retaliation.

"Oh, I was so scared, I thought he was going to pull a gun again or maybe even shoot us," she said Monday.

Theresa said "again" because the man with the black hoodie covering his face in the surveillance video has allegedly robbed the store before.

In fact, Theresa says this one store has been held up three times in just the last two months.

"I just hope they get caught, I want them to pay," Teresa said. "They're making people very scared, people who are trying to make an honest living are scared for their lives now and it's not right."

Police say there were three attempted robberies over the weekend adding to an unsettling trend since the beginning of the year.

"We've had at least eight since January first, so it seems to be a slight uptick," said Manchester Police Capt. Brian O'Keefe.

So, this week, the department is inviting all store owners and clerks to a robbery prevention seminar to learn how to avoid becoming a target and what to do if you should fall victim.

"There is no reason to fight back, the clerk should concede the money and be done with it," said O'Keefe. "Your life is worth far more than any monetary value."

Teresa couldn't agree more.

"It's dangerous, it's not worth it," she said.

And while she hopes the seminar is successful, she's decided to take a more drastic approach.

"I'm training someone new today to take my spot because I don't think I can do this," Teresa said Monday. "It's not for me, I don't want to risk my life."

That seminar is Thursday at 5 p.m. at the Manchester Police Department.

The man seen in the Mr. Market surveillance video is still on the loose. Anyone with information is urged to contact Manchester police.

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