Mandatory Evacuations in Place in Areas Across Connecticut in Preparation of Henri

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Residents of several shoreline cities and towns are being told they have to evacuate their homes because of a hurricane warning that's been issued ahead of the arrival of Henri.

Henri has been downgraded from a Category 1 hurricane to a tropical storm as it continues its path towards Connecticut.

A hurricane warning is in effect for New Haven, Middlesex, and New London counties.


Residents in evacuation zones 1 and 2 along the shore, in low-lying areas, and those prone to flooding will have to evacuate their homes no later than 7 a.m. Sunday.

Officials said that if you live outside the designated zones but your home is prone to flooding, you should make preparation to evacuate.

"Any residents who do not leave the evacuation zone by 7 a.m. Sunday are putting their lives at risk, public safety crews may not be able to respond to help once winds exceed 50 mph," the Town of Branford Emergency Operations Center said.

Branford Police Department

A shelter will be open at Branford High School on East Main Street for evacuees. The shelter has accommodations for pets if absolutely necessary. For more information, click here.

East Haven

Dozens of streets are in a mandatory evacuation zone in East Haven.

  • Atwater Street
  • Atwater Street Extension
  • Beach Ave
  • Beachside Avenue
  • Brazos Road
  • Bradford Avenue
  • Cambridge Court
  • Canna Drive
  • Caroline Road
  • Catherine Street
  • Center Avenue
  • Coe Avenue between Cosey Beach Avenue and Wilkenda Avenue
  • Cold Spring Street
  • Cosey Beach Avenue
  • Cosey Beach Avenue Extension
  • Cosey Beach Road
  • Dewey Avenue
  • Ellis Road
  • Farview Road
  • First Avenue
  • George Street between Bradford Avenue and Wilkenda Avenue
  • Hampton Road
  • Henry Street between Bradford Avenue and Wilkenda Avenue
  • Hobson Street
  • Fairview Road
  • First Avenue
  • Jamaica Court
  • Maturo Drive
  • Meadow Place east of North Atwater Street
  • Minor Road
  • Montouk Street
  • Morgan Avenue
  • Morgan Terrace
  • Morris Avenue
  • North Atwater Street
  • Old Town Highway
  • Palmetto Trail
  • Pequot Street
  • Phillip Street
  • Roses Farm Road
  • Second Avenue
  • Seaview Avenue
  • Shell Beach Road
  • Sibley Lane
  • Silver Sands Road between South Shore Drive and South End Road
  • Smith Street
  • South End Road
  • South Shore Drive
  • South Street
  • Stanton Road
  • Stoddard Road
  • Supa Drive
  • South Shore Drive
  • Stevens Street between Bradford Avenue and Wilkenda Avenue
  • Stoddard Road
  • Wilkenda Avenue

Anyone who chooses not to evacuate from the above areas will not be accessible by emergency crews until the storm subsides.


  • Shore Avenue
  • South Prospect Street
  • Beach Pond Road
  • Pine Island Road
  • Jupiter Pond Road

On Friday, the city of Groton recommended that residents who live on the above streets evacuate during the storm. Now, evacuation is mandatory.

The city says that emergency personnel may not be able to reach residents in these areas who choose to stay home during the storm because of potential flooding.


A mandatory evacuation is in effect for residents living in coastal and/or low-lying areas. Other areas prone to flooding due to storm surges should also evacuate immediately.

The mandatory evacuation is in effect because the town can't assure that emergency personnel will be able to reach you should you require assistance, officials said.

Anyone in need of a place to stay is welcome at 32 Church St., which is accepting residents until midnight. The shelter will also accept residents beginning at 6 a.m. on Sunday. Masks are required and people are asked to bring their own toiletries, bedding, sleeping attire, and non-perishable food. Cots will be available. Pets who are brought to the shelter must be in a pet carrier.

Eversource and United Illuminating are preparing for Tropical Storm Henri as it continues its path towards Connecticut

"I encourage all residents living in impacted areas to take this evacuation order seriously, for their own safety and the safety of our first responders," First Selectman Matt Hoey said.


The Town of Madison has issued a mandatory evacuation order for all residents south of the Boston Post Road ahead of Tropical Storm Henri making landfall.

Messages were sent to all affected residents on Saturday.

The order was given due to concerns over significant storm surge and coastal flooding expected from Henri.

"Any residents who do not leave the evacuation zone by 9 p.m. tonight are putting their lives at risk and public safety crews will not be able to respond to you once winds exceed 50 MPH," a message on the Madison town website said.

Town leaders are asking anyone who lives outside the evacuation zone, but has experienced flooding during prior storms, to be prepared to evacuate if conditions change.

Madison has an emergency shelter at the Town Campus Gym. The shelter can accommodate pets if necessary.

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