Mansfield Man Named Tom Brady Wins Super Bowl Stay

Tom Brady may be playing 1,400 miles away from downtown Boston on Super Bowl Sunday, but another Tom Brady will be spending game day at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

Tom Brady, 25, of Mansfield, was the first Tom Brady to show up to the Mandarin on Thursday. The 5-star hotel held a contest for those who share a name with the famous 5-ring quarterback.

"We knew there were about 47 Tom Bradys in the area," Sara Flight of the Mandarin Oriental Boston said. "This is kind of a Tom Brady experience. He gets to stay here, have fun and just enjoy it."

The WGBH production assistant who won grew up just 15 minutes away from Gillette and was a quarterback freshman year of high school. Ironically, he went to college in Philly. He wasn't named after the GOAT, but is part of a Brady bunch.

"My father's name is Tom Brady, and his dad's name is Tom Brady, and his dad's name is Tom Brady," he said. "Back when this first started, we got a lot of phone calls."

His prize may not be as sweet as the Lombardi trophy, but the suite he gets to stay in on Super Bowl Sunday is over 1,000 square feet of luxury fit for a king like Tom Brady.

"I would like to thank him for changing my life," the contest winner said. "Since I was 9 years old, my name has meant a lot more."

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