Masked Robber Caught on Surveillance at New Hampshire Store

Man was captured on surveillance at Manchester's Bremer Street Food Mart on Sunday

Police are investigating two armed robberies that happened in the same neighborhood in Manchester, New Hampshire, over the weekend.

At Bremer Street Food Mart, manager Ashish Sharma told NBC Boston he had six surveillance cameras rolling during the robbery Sunday night. He said he is installing two more inside and a few outside because he says his job is getting more and more dangerous as the heroin epidemic worsens in the city.

“It’s very tough, it’s very tough,” Sharma said.

He showed us surveillance video of a man wearing a mask, and a black hooded sweatshirt, demanding money while threatening his employee with what appears to be a silver handgun.

“She did what she was told, she did everything right and she was not harmed,” Sharma said.

Sharma’s family owns Bremer Street Food Mart and he said this isn’t the first time they’ve been robbed.

“I have definitely fought back a couple times they’ve been here,” Sharma said. “I stand up for what I believe in, it’s never about the money, it’s about principal.”

Manchester Police believe the same man might be responsible for an armed robbery that happened the night before, just a few blocks away at Crosstown Market.

“It doesn’t really surprise me but at the same token, it’s disappointing seeing these people going through what they go through,” said customer Jereme Richard.

Neighbors blame the heroin epidemic and Sharma agrees.

“I think everyone is just looking to get high and it’s sad,” he said.

He says the clerk seen in this video is a hard working young lady with several jobs and he’s got a message for the person who threatened her life.

“You want to make some money, you should go get a job, that’s what I got to say,” Sharma said.

Nobody was hurt in either robbery this weekend, but the suspect did make off with a bunch of cash both times.

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