Hanson Dunkin' Shut Down After Rodent Droppings Found in Inspections

Officials immediately closed the store down upon inspection Wednesday

Mouse droppings were found in the kitchen of a Dunkin’ in a gas station in Hanson, Massachusetts, Wednesday afternoon, prompting officials to immediately shut it down, a Hanson health official told NBC10 Boston.

An employee noticed the droppings last week, but was forced to continue producing food, the official said. They contacted Hanson authorities.

An independent inspector was called in to make an inspection of the location and noticed the droppings this week. She reported her findings to members of the Hanson Board of Health, according to the official.

Subsequently, Hanson health officials inspected the store on Wednesday afternoon and immediately shut it down, the official said. Officials ordered the store to undergo pest control and cleaning.

Upon closure, Dunkin’ sent a certified operations manager to meet with the store’s franchisee and to inspect the restaurant, the company said in a statement. The franchisee is addressing the issues, according to Dunkin'.

“We have stringent food safety and quality standards that we require all franchisees to comply with, and we take great pride in the food and beverages served to our guests every day,” Dunkin’ said.

The Hanson Dunkin' store did not pick up the phone on Thursday.

Officials do not believe there to be any health implications for individuals who have visited the store in recent weeks.

The official, speaking on behalf of the Hanson Board of Health said, “the health department takes this very seriously.”

The drive-thru Dunkin’ is located on 318 Main St. at a Speedway gas station. It is unknown when the store will reopen.

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