State Suspends Driver’s Licenses for Men Involved in Wild Road Rage Incident

Exclusive video shows Richard Kamrowski clinging to the hood of Mark Fitzgerald's SUV after an alleged road rage incident

Driver's licenses for two Massachusetts men involved in a wild road rage incident last week have been suspended.

Massachusetts Department of Transportation driving records for Mark Fitzgerald, 37, and Richard Kamrowski, 65, show that the licenses have been suspended after Friday's incident landed them both in handcuffs.

Video obtained by NBC10 Boston shows Kamrowski on the hood of Fitzgerald's SUV as the vehicle sped up and braked multiple times along the Mass. Pike going westbound for about three miles.

State police say the incident started over a minor side-swipe crash but quickly escalated with Kamrowski clinging to the hood of Fitzgerald's SUV as the vehicle went down Interstate 90 at speeds of up to 70 mph. Court documents show both men blame the one another for the escalation.

Police are still investigating whether Kamrowski jumped on the hood of the SUV in an effort to cause damage, as Fitzgerald claimed, or did so to avoid being run over, as the 65-year-old Framingham resident insisted in an interview with NBC10 Boston.

Fitzgerald's SUV was eventually stopped as multiple good Samaritans boxed in his car. Video showed one of them, who was licensed to carry, point his firearm at Fitzgerald and demanded he stop the SUV.

Both Fitzgerald and Kamrowski have pleaded not guilty to the charges they face in connection with the incident.

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