Massachusetts Prepares For Blizzard Conditions

If you packed away your parka, it looks like it’s time to pull it back out. An arctic chill is hitting New England and potentially historic March blizzard is on the way.

People throughout the Commonwealth are rushing to grocery stores, trying to grab as much as they can ahead of Tuesday’s storm.

The manager at the Trucchi’s in Abington says like always it is bread, milk, and eggs selling out the quickest.

Anne Marie Moczulewski from Dorchester, a self-described “winter person,” says she prefers the cold snap to the heat and humidity of August.

But many residents are not happy about the freezing temperatures and another round of snow.

“The wind chill is crazy. I think when I looked this morning it said -8 or -17 out, and it definitely feels like that with this crazy wind,” said Bostonian Finley Hines.

Some New Englanders are used to the cold, but most say they just want consistency.

“It’s taking a toll on me,” said Mark Rogers from Rockland. “I can’t wait for spring.”

Esteban Guevara, another local, added, “It just doesn’t seem right for this time of year.”

Many find it hard to believe that such severe weather is on the way after Boston saw record high temperatures just last month.

But for now, blizzard and winter storm watches are in effect.

The Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency’s warning issued a statement warning residents of a potential 14-18 inches of heavy snow, with 2-4 inches falling per hour.

Doctors call the snowfall expected on Tuesday “heart attack snow.” Wet and heavy snow is what raises concern for physicians. Shoveling snow can lead to chest pains and shortness of breath for a lot of people.

“Anybody who has poor blood flow to any part of the heart, when they exert themselves it’s like a stress test,” says Dr. Andrew Liteplo from Massachusetts General Hospital.

MEMA advises limiting any time spent outside and keeping a close eye on pets.

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