Massachusetts Natives in Texas Flee Homes Due to Harvey Flooding

While Hurricane Harvey continues to wreak havoc on parts of Texas, some former Massachusetts residents now living in the Lone Star State, are finding themselves among those in need of help.

Melrose native Vanessa Alviti is one of many Texans that were evacuated from the city of La Porte on Friday. She, along with her husband and toddler children, left their home flooded and their community in chaos.

"It’s just a big catastrophe. I’m just praying and I’m hoping," Alviti told NBC Boston via Skype. "We have never gone through anything like this. There was a chemical leak in our city, the city was shut down there is an emergency curfew going on in our city, I guess there is looting."

The Alviti's went to Dallas and are now staying in hotels, which they say are eating up their savings.

Before the storm hit, both Vanessa and her husband were supposed to start new jobs, but now it's unclear when and if they will.

"It’s just the fear of the unknown," Alviti said. "Where are we going to be living? Am I going to have a job now?"

Sharon native Michael Sudhalter is also going through a similar ordeal. He and his family were evacuated from their home in Houston.

"We are still kind of in shock right now," Sudhalter told NBC Boston, also via Skype.

The Sudhalter's are staying with family right now in another part of Texas. Although they are still in shock, they are trying to remain positive.

"As bad as it is for us, it's so much worse for so many people and we are really thinking of them," said Sudhalter. "We are lucky. We are dry. We are safe."

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